The Game
Hay Day is a free app for android and iOS. The game is available in many languages such as English, German and French. You know, I’ve always wondered: Would a lot of the people who love playing farming sims enjoy actual farmwork? Maybe not all of us has the diligence to get up at the very early morning to milk the cows and clean up the fields, but that is what videogames like Hay Day are made for. And in Hay Day, you’ll be treated to at least one of the prettiest farming sims currently. The backstory is not hard: You’ve been made a huge farm to have a tendency to. You will raise animals like pigs, cows and and you’ll grow and harvest crops like wheat and corn. You’ll also need to juggle to numerous tasks that switches into a grade-A ranch. Your critters has to be fed plus your silo should be painted, as an example Occasionally visitors from town or any other farms will swing by, providing you tasks or money for the ware, like eggs or meat.



The Hack
Hay Day is a free2play game but it has some stuff you can only buy with real money and since it's very expensive to buy this stuff without real cash I've created this site for you. This is no fake app like you see it on other websites! You don't even need to download a .exe file which is most times a pretty bad fake. This is a simple Tutorial that shows you how to get Unlimited Coins and Diamonds. This is the best Hay Day Hack, Hay day Cheat, Hay Day Hack Tool or how ever you want to call it. And no: You can't get banned with this! And we are going to update this file every week!


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